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Since 1860, Heuer has been creating magnificent wristwatches for the most discerning men and women. These superior watches have exhibited original styles, reflecting the creative spirit of the devoted jewelers whose work made the company famous around the world for reliable, attractive timepieces.

Heuer is well-known for making the first crown-winding pocket watches, the first automobile chronograph, which records the time of a journey, and the first truly precise stopwatch.

The consistency of the timepieces has been confirmed by airplane manufacturers who have used TAG Heuer clocks on their instrument panels, and Grand Prix auto racing professionals who insist on Heuer stopwatches for precision.

When the Tag Company combined its trusted high-tech skills with the Heuer Company’s watch making talent in 1985, the name TAG Heuer became well-known in the field of Swiss watches, and has continued as a company recognized everywhere for the optimum quality. Their limited version watches are attractive for their innovative designs.

An extensive selection of colors and stunning patterns are available from which to choose. Whether the first choice is for a comfortable timepiece appropriate for aquatics, or an impressive evening wear piece decorated in jeweled splendor, TAG Heuer has unique creations to impress the most discerning eye.

Watch designs in this collection comprise everything from those exhibiting charming, complex features, such as carefully placing many instruments and jewels all over the face of the chronometer, to other, more basic creations that nevertheless have the unique, agreeable qualities and charm that have made the TAG Heuer Company famous.

Valuable metals and jewels in TAG Heuer timepieces are shared attractively in patterns never seen before, to radiate a splendorous attractive quality. While extremely appealing for their richly jeweled appearance, these watches also inspire confidence. Their stable craftsmanship has produced supreme accuracy combined with true beauty.

For each experience and for every use, the TAG Heuer line of watches is made with excellence and true uniqueness.

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