Collateral Loans

How does a Jewelry and Loan or Pawnshop work?

Pawnbrokers lend money on items of value ranging from gold and diamond jewelry items tend to retain a value over a period of time which allows the licensed pawnbroker to loan money to the customer based on the collateral. The loan period in California is 4 months. The interest rate and amount will vary based on the amount of the loan and in accordance with laws. The customer will be issued a pawn or loan ticket, that will contain relevant information about the loan and the item used as collateral. Information is not limited to but includes the customers name, address, type of identification provided, a description of the item, amount lent, maturity date, interest rate and amount that must be paid to redeem the item along with other terms and pertinent information including restrictions, obligations.

What sets A Cash Buyer Jewelry, Watch and Loan apart from your regular pawnshop?

We are first and foremost a fine high end Jewelry and Watch store in orange county. We have our own in house master jeweler. We also have a master watchmaker for repairs. We deal with pre-owned items buying and selling and have the ability to offer loans. We offer the consumer a convenient and confidential way to borrow money on their items with knowledge and offer higher loan values because of our experience. Since we specialize with high end Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry antiques and estates, we are able to offer you the most money for your items and we base our loan value on average 5%-60% less than what we would typically purchase the item for or what it would bring in resale. The fact that we are a fine jewelry and watch store means that we have a very high interest in not only protecting your pawned items but in also protecting our items. For this reason we do our very best to maintain the highest level of security equipment and technology to track and maintain the safe keeping of your items. Unlike most pawn shops who loan on various items, we specialize in Jewelry (including antique, estate and vintage watches), Watches, Diamonds and this knowledge sets us completely apart.

Why get a loan versus selling your item?

We treat everyone who walks in our store with dignity and respect. We have all at some point or another been in a position where discretion and need are important. We understand, and we dedicate our professionalism to you our client. We relate that at times some jewelry, and watches heirlooms, antique estate rings, have great emotional ties to customers, and that they would like to keep rather them than sell them. A collateral loan allows the customer to return within the contract terms to redeem their loan and get their item back. Whereas if a customer sold an item, it's a NON-redeemable purchase for the store and the customer will NOT have an opportunity to get the item back.

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